English Summary

About The Outdoor Theather of King Arthur

What is the King Arthur-show and consept?

The whole idea about the consept for the show comes from the idea-man and leader of the board, Jostein Korsnes. Old legends and histories says that a british army officer by the name King Arthur traveled at west coast of Norway and Sandsoy Island (“Dollsøy”) in the years of 500 AC. Mr Korsnes asked a group of people from Gursken village to join him to make an outdoor theather about King Arthur, based on the materiale he had found and researched. The year after, the first play/show was ready to set in motion. Astrid from Gursken and Oddbjørn from Levanger together were responsible of the script and had roles as directors to a two hours long outdoor show, along with approxemately 100 actors. In year 2000 the municipality of Sande wanted to finance and realize the show. So the same year, about 900 spectators made seats at the natural amphitheater for the first time at Kongsvollen (a place on Sandsoy Island) under the premiere. Since then the show has been played many times distributed into several years of shows.

The group reposible of the manuscript got the commission to write a different and humorous show of the legend. Inspired by the fairy tale and history of King Arthur and his knights of the round table, research of history, books, articles, and movies, the group created a wide range of other characters in the show. Also, they included sound effects and techno music, to make the play more alive! The british King along with his nuns and knights, came to visit the island and got to meet strange humans who lived there named Dondrå, Skakk, Gorm from Giske, various chieftains from other communities, and also Gaul and Gleildre along with a buch of sheeps running around the village. It is also told that King Arthur did not ever travel without this wizard Merlin and magical Morgana Le Fay, and of course along with his other accommpany.

The plot of the show of King Arthur changes every year, though the main story line stays the same. In gathering of the chieftains, they discuss world problems and nowadays news from near and far, while they communicate in a local language from years at 500 AC. A main reason that make nearly 2000 to 3000 people want to see the show every play-year, is because of the creativity and diversity to the show. The island villages in that period of time, lives in threat and fear of being ambushed by wild creatures and other humans from the sea by boats. In this show we get to meet King Arthur and his accompany, and maby we get to see other wild men in the act? The seafarers are mainly interested in finding the well-knowed treasure in the caverns at Sandsoy Island wich is buried 180 meters in the mountains – so the legend says.

For the 15th time this year, King Arthur will invade the island and make Kongvollen his seat of Norway. And once again we are to meet the boy who becomes a king among the village people. Though King Arthur will die by the hand of a swedish warrior, the blod of King will live inside the boy who manage to pull out the sword named Excalibur from a stone.

The fairy tale of King Arthur will live on in many years, all through to the summer of 2023. This show is suitable for people at all ages. Travel to Sandsoy Island for a spectacular scenary of the legend about King Arthur!